About Us

Through our innovative and experienced utilization of technology and services, CompuWave has established itself as a single point of procurement for small, midsize and enterprise businesses. The CompuWave team is always looking for the most effective methods reducing costs, and streamlining internal processes and solutions.

At its core, CompuWave is a customer-centric business. We look forward to helping you attain your business goals by supplying technological innovations and helping you properly implement advanced solutions that have a positive return on your investment.

The CompuWave Way

We configure our solutions to match the problem, not to fit a narrow inventory of products.

Our step-by-step process entails:

  • Analysis of your business requirements and model
  • Design of an optimal solution
  • Planning and management of the implementation process
  • Coordination between vendors and deliveries
  • Performance of scheduled and emergency maintenance

Whether you need on-site or remote support, CompuWave has a dedicated staff of certified engineers and technicians, with the versatility and experience to work on a project of any scale and type. We can help you go the distance, from the initial planning process, to your post-implementation training needs.

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