What CompuWave does best is provide full industry-wide services, spanning from consultation, design, deployment, and remediation for local area networking, wide area networking, workstations, servers, and virtualization.

We have developed a specialized set of training classes, hardware repair, maintenance services -- both on and off-site -- and on-site warranty repair. These deliverables are designed to add value to your business without bogging it down.

All of our services are geared to help you maximize absolute ROI for your technology solutions.


CompuWave is your source for any hardware related service. We have over a decade of experience servicing our customers' computing infrastructure. LEARN MORE >


From software design, installation, configuration, and remediation, CompuWave will carefully guide you through each step. We understand the intricacies of software implementation. LEARN MORE >


For most businesses, LAN and WAN breakdowns and bottle necks can severely impede operations. CompuWave's networking services enable you to avoid all potential threats. LEARN MORE >


Over the years, CompuWave has honed and developed its programming services to meet different platforms and systems. LEARN MORE >

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