CompuWave solutions are designed to meet the challenge of your immediate and long-term business goals. CompuWave has built a repeatable, successful model for delivering solutions, by bringing together a combination of uniquely synergistic assets:

  • The ability to deliver, implement, service and support
  • A world-class pool of technicians, analysts, trainers and consultants
  • The field-experience gathered during over a decade of solving customer problems
  • Coverage of all the phases of technology adoption

All of our solutions are provided by experienced engineers and are designed in collaboration with the hardware and software manufacturers to ensure cost efficient, highly effective end results that are fully supported. Our close and long established relationships with these manufacturers are critical at every stage of providing a solution in today's complex heterogeneous enterprise.


Our storage solutions have the capacity to keep up with your growing business. CompuWave offers storage solutions that are cost-effective, efficient and expandable. CompuWave features best-in-class: LEARN MORE >


CompuWave strives to help you realize ROI benefits by significantly cutting energy costs and usage. Our power solutions span from the desktop, the server room, and all the way to the data center. LEARN MORE >


CompuWave's breadth of solutions includes: LEARN MORE >

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